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VaVa Fun Learning Programme (VFLP)

VFLP is a structured, individualized programme to improve the learning ability of children. It is focus to improve the self-help ability, social interaction, communication, expression ability, cognitive ability, creativity, table attention, logical and problem solving ability of individual.


Hair Tissues Mineral Analysis (HTMA)

Hair tissue mineral analysis is a scientific test, which measures the mineral content of your hair. Mineral content of the hair reflects the mineral content of the body's tissues. A mineral deficiency or surplus in the hair corresponds with the mineral level within the body.

HTMA also acts as a good indicator for the activity of many metabolic processes within the body.

In addition, HTMA can provide an important insight into supportive strategies for conditions ranging from depression and behaviour disorders to cardiovascular and neurological illnesses. Used in conjunction with other familiar diagnostic tests, HTMA can provide a more holistic and comprehensive approach upon which to base more effective nutritional therapy

This analysis allows for exact recommendations of only those supplements that are actually needed. This is important knowledge in order to discover the body's toxic metal levels.


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